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A comprehensive solution of care providers, physicians and SNFists with home health care experience to better manage patient outcomes, operations, clinical protocols and utilization.

Our services facilitate a consistent and timely data sharing for better care coordination between acute and post-acute care providers, while enabling more effective plans of care, managing total cost of care and monitoring patient progress and results.


In our fast-paced world, it seems there simply isn't enough time in a day to get everything done.

Which is why KOPA strives to be Consistent with real-time view of performance data across home health agencies that choose to share data with their referral sources and other clinical partners in a convenient, transparent and secure manner.

  • Agency level reporting

Consistent real-time view of reports and performance across all hospital/ACO patients from the agencies in the network, with agencies' permission to inform clinical and operational decisions. 

When selecting a level of service based on the extent of the history, examination or medical decision making necessary to evaluate or treat the patient, it is not necessary to meet these time requirements. However, when counseling or coordination of care is the predominant activity during a patient visit, the level of care can be selected based on the time spent with the patient.

  • Patient performance reporting

1. Delivers consistent agency-level reporting

By being transparent with your performance data, we give our clients more confidence and position ourselves as  trusted advisors Hospitalist, physician groups can continue their patient care and financial responsibility after discharge. As a result, we continue to build strong partnerships with home health providers to ensure high quality outcomes for each patient.

Further, KOPA Hospitalists provides alternate medical services, such as long-term acute care, sub-acute care, skilled and intermediate care, home health care, observation unit, and employee health.

2. Provides real-time patient information on status and progress

KOPA also provides services, such as on-call coverage for emergency departments, including indigent care and unassigned patients; pre-operative assessment and peri-operative management of surgical patients; pre-admission screening of emergency-department referrals; and coordination with hospital case management and discharge planning functions.

  • Get real-time information on how each patient is progressing

  • Make timely adjustments in case of sudden changes in the patient condition

  • Facilitate better coordination between acute and post-acute care providers to prevent unnecessary hospitalizations or address any reduction in quality of care.

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